15 May 1998,Binario Zero,Milan
When I went to Yatsura's concert,I have to admit I had not heard one single song of them-I had just heard around that they were playing very good music...
I was attracted to them cause I'm a big Japanese comics fan,and of course I could not miss out a band named after Lum!So,I went there and even brought the first issue of the comic,just in case...
And...I was lucky I did!!!While the support band was playing,I spotted Elaine in the crowd and started talking to her,and then I showed her the comic...her eyes glazed in amazement,so I told her she could keep it...she could not believe it (yeah,ok,the comic was in italian of course,so I also had to do some translating...), and she called the rest of the band to show them the gift...they all cheered me up,Graham showed me the stage-pass with all the comic characters drawn on it,and Fergus offered me a beer cause he said I was very cool!
And,oh,the music...when they got onstage they really rocked!I loved their music so later on I bought their cds!
(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Introducing the band:Fergus,

Elaine and Ian.they are actually brother and sister!And their surname is Graham,which is the singer's name.Weird,huh?Or just messed up in my mind? :-)

Graham (here doing some strange things involving a guitar and drumsticks!).

Well,here Graham is back to normal and singing...

...and here playing his guitar!

By the end of the show,Fergus was covered in sweat!

Someone told me he looks like Bambi in this pic.Ah,these obsessive gorgeous-boy fans...

And this is the tracklist of the evening!

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