15 March 1999

WHAT A SHOW!!!No one can deny it:Kiss can put a show like no one else. Fireworks,spitting fire,demons,flying demons,axes,confetti,flying starchilds... nothing was missing this time!And the guys seemed to be even younger than the last time I saw them!They kicked ass!!!

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The Ticket for the SHOW!(eheheeh...mine was free-a big stroke of luck...please don't hate me!)
...and don't forget the 3D glasses!!!
WELCOME TO THE SHOW!I can't believe I managed to take a "whole group" pic of Kiss...from left to right,there's Peter (drums),Paul (great voice,guitar),Ace (guitar),Gene (bass).
Here's a closeup on the three guitarists doing their "swing along" thing while the KISS logo lights up!
And here they are in a more usual stage position:Gene Simmons on the left,Ace Frehely on the right,and Paul Stanley in the middle.
FIREHOUSE!All lights lit up to warn us that Gene was about to spit...
...about to spit fire!!!The little puff of fire near the right fireball is actually the fireball which came out of Gene's mouth!
Cool lights,and you can see Peter at the drums,thanks to the big screen!
Gene Simmons...and The Punisher!!!I could not believe it when I saw him come onstage holding his COOL bass,called The Punisher!He hadn't been using that axe since the early eighties!Long live the Punisher!!!
Gene is flying!!!I still don't know how I managed to take such a good pic of him,since he was flying very quickly!!!

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(yeah,I took SO MANY pics!But Kiss deserve them all!)

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