3 April 2001

I travelled 220 Miles (and 220 back) to see this gig. Was it worth it? YES, of course. Placebo played very very well, they were great-looking and there was a good feeling to it.
BUT... yes there's a but. I didn't like the tracklisting at all. They only played ONE song from my fave album, ie 36 Degrees out of the first album. I want my violent and mad Placebo back!!!!

Brian Molko. As you probably have noticed, lately he's dressing more like a guy. Haircut is guyish too. And no nail-varnish. *Sigh* Where's the ambiguous little thing I used to love?
An attempt at a band shot. As usual Steve is hidden behind drums, but you can see Brian playing the keyboards and Stefan at work on the guitar.
A closer look to Stefan. He was wearing this tight red dress, it looks so great on him! I liked him a lot tonight, he kept throwing fire-stares on the audience, as if he wanted to fight (or love) each one of them.
Brian putting some sweat into singing!
Aw, now he's relaxing a bit and having a cigarette.
Oi! What's he doing now? The "umbrella sign"? Tellign us to get lost? Nah don't worry my lovelies, he was nice to everyone tonight, this is a candid pose of him resting his arm while smoking and singing...
Back with his guitar. The t-shirt he was wearing was sooo great! I wonder if they have custom-band guitar-picks? I'd love to get one, if they had!
This is one of the worst photos i've ever taken!!! See, the setting is perfect - we get to see Bri and Stef together in one pic at last! BUT... where are their heads? Placebo, gimme heads! Or something...
This isn't a bijoux of photo either. A bit shaky... If you look close enough, on the background you'll see the advertising for Levi. And Brian is a bit shaky and twistedly funny. And not even the security guy came out too well, with his eyes half closed. Better forget about this pic, ok?
Ok, ok, time to hate me once again. In September 2000 I met Placebo again. Here's Brian. Yeah he got even skinnier since the last time I met him!
And here is Stefan. Yeah he got even taller since I last met him. I dared ask what his height is and he replied "I'm in the very tall category". He's the best in the band methinks!!!
This pic is funny. Was taken the previous time i met Placebo. I was unaware of it, I didn't know this pic existed, until a girl came up to me this second time I met the band, and told me she had a pic of me at home LOL! Thanks Manu for this excellent photo of me and Brian! Totally candid! Looks like he's giving me his phone number, ehehe!

Just as a side-notice, you might be aware that Placebo were playing at the Italian Festival of Music in February 2001, and Brian smashed his guitar onstage. If you wanna see a realmovie of this, go to Musicboom and click on the multimedia section. You'll have a laugh...

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