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(Last updated:10 February 2000)

Hi and welcome to ya all! If you are here, it means that you have a great taste in music and you love your bands so much as to wanting to see as many pics of them as possible!
Well, I am a guy who just LOVES music and going to concerts, and I never forget to bring my camera with me when I'm going to a gig (and please don't make me laugh saying "It's illegal to take pics at concerts!"...), so I've decided to put online all the pics I've ever taken of the bands I've ever seen.
I hope some of you can see the pics and fondly remember how cool it was when they saw that band live, maybe in some other parts of this planet. These pics were taken in Italy, usually Milan... so who knows how long the band toured before coming to your town! :-)
I also hope that the ones who were not lucky enough to be able to go to the concerts can, through this page, catch a glimpse of how those bands look like (and act like) while they're onstage.
Ok, enough with words, let's see some pics! Click on any one of the names down here to see their live pics! Some bands just have 3-4 pics, some others have many more! But I hope you'll like them all!

Little disclaimer : these pics are MINE!You can do pretty much whatever you want with them-see,download,use them as desktop wallpaper,print...whatever.But if you wanna use them on a homepage or show them around,please warn me and give me credit,ok?Thanks!
  • 3 Colours Red-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,1 May 1999
  • Alice Cooper-Live at Palatennis,Rome,15 July 1997
  • Buckcherry-Live at Nottingham Rock City,Nottingham, 18 August 1999
  • Caffeine-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,19 May 1999
  • Cardigans-Live at Alcatraz,Milano,15 April 1999
  • Clam Abuse-Live at Camden Dingwalls,London, 05 August 1999
  • Demolition Doll Rods-Live at Binario Zero, Milano, 22 December 1999
  • Dickies-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,19 May 1999
  • Dog Eat Dog-Live at Propaganda,Milano,11 December 1996
  • Donnas + Bratmobile-Live at Deposito Bulk, Milano, 24 October 1999
  • Elio e le Storie Tese-Live at Piazza Sempione,Milano,17 June 1998
  • F-minus-Live at Binario Zero, Milano, 07 February 2000
  • Gods of Metal 1998 (Black Sabbath,Pantera,Iced Earth...)-Filaforum,Assago,6 June 1998
  • Gluecifer-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,10 January 1999
  • Gwar-Live at Canguro,San Colombano,9 February 1996
  • Gwar-Live at Babylonia,Biella,14 September 1997
  • Gwar-Live at Babylonia, Biella, 25 January 2000
  • Hellacopters + Zen Guerrilla-Live at Binario Zero, Milano, 05 November 1999
  • Kiss-Live at Filaforum,Assago,18 December 1996
  • Kiss-Live at Filaforum,Assago,15 March 1999
  • Nashville Pussy-Live at Tunnel,Milano,15 December 1998
  • Misfits-Live at Babylonia,Biella,19 June 1998
  • Misfits-Live at Babylonia,Biella,18 June 1999
  • Motorhead (@ Gods of Metal 1999)-Live at Filaforum,Assago,6 June 1999
  • Murphy's Law-Live at Leonkavallo,Milano,24 April 1998
  • Offspring + Social Distortion-Live at Camden Underworld,London,22 August 1996
  • Offspring -Live at Palavobis,Milano,5 February 1999
  • Pist.on-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,22 April 1999
  • Placebo-Live at Rolling Stone,Milano,20 November 1998
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers-Live at Spazio Antologico,Milano,14 June 1999
  • Reef-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,24 April 1999
  • Rocket From The Crypt-Live at Leonkavallo,Milano,21 October 1198
  • Sepultura-Live at Palasport,Pordenone,2 December 1996
  • Tampasm-Live in Leicester and Birmingham,18-19 August 1997
  • Teste Vuote '97 (New Bomb Turks,Voodoo Glow Skull,Toy Dolls...)-Bologna,15 June 1997
  • Therapy?-Live at Binario Zero, Milano, 25 November 1999
  • Tyla + Sack Trick-Live at Camden Dingwalls,London, 05 August 1999
  • Urusei Yatsura-Live at Binario Zero,Milano,11 May 1998
  • Vandals-Live at Sabbie Mobili,Sotto Il Monte,15 October 1997
  • Vandals-Live at The Foundry,Birmingham,13 August 1998
  • WASP-Live at Rainbow,Milano,29 January 1997

  • If you wanna know something more about me...(and you should,cause here you see all the pics with me and the Stars!)
  • If you wanna know something more about the camera I use...

    Most of the concerts on this page have been reviewed by me on Musicb00m - the BEST italian online music magazine.

    (It's all in Italian only-but worth checking out anyway!)

    I got this page known all over the world wide web thanks to Add Me!

    This page is dedicated to Daniele Mancino,self-proclaimed #1 fan of my Concert Pics!He said the coolest thing ever about me..."You can't avoid recognising Paolo The Punisher in a crowd,cause as soon as you become his net friend,he starts flooding you with his pics..."!Cheers mate!Hope to see you online again soon!